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Dreams and Cardboard

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I'm having an issue, and let me tell you why. There are unpacked boxes behind my chair that make it impossible for me to sit straight at the keyboard, and there's too much crap on the desk for me to put down my tea safely.

I had many dreams last night, and almost all of them involved working. The very first was one of those where you're not quite asleep, still aware of the world, and something pulls you back to reality and then you know you were dreaming. That happened, and I realized I'd been coding invoices in my head. The others were just as dull, but the last one left me with an inspiration. Don't ask me why, because I don't recall it appearing in the dream, but I woke up with the decision that I need a framed recipe for something cool, in French, in illuminated script (like the monks used to do) hanging in my kitchen. I need this. So if anyone happens to have one lying around...

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On le 29 mars 2008 17:41 (UTC), randomposting commented:
My desk is the same way. I reeeally need to clean it. Maybe I'll do that now.
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