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New Year, Schmew Year.

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I can still hear Ripley yelling from her bedroom, so I'm guessing I have a few more minutes before Erika emerges.

Wine may have been a bad idea tonight. I haven't had much, a glass, but what was a pleasantly mellow and homey feeling is quickly turning to melancholy. I'm glad I didn't stay home tonight like I was tempted to do...I have projects that are in full-swing, and I like to get these things done while I'm still enthusiastic about them. But I also remembered the last New Year's Eve I spent alone...it was the first year here, and Erika had been invited to California with James for the holiday. I knew a couple of people in the state, but they were all Erika's coworkers. It was pretty depressing.

This year it's a personal choice. I was invited to a couple of parties, which a week ago I would have been all over. Today, though, I'm just not feeling like it. I'd rather drink wine and watch movies and talk to my sister. Granted, that may have brought on the melancholy...right before she had to put Ripley down we were talking about some fairly serious things, people that we're worried about and people we're about ready to give up on. That's a great place to leave a conversation.

Just a small aside here. Ripley's been around for over three years now. She's been going down for naps and bedtime that whole time. (Otherwise, she'd be pretty tired by now.) However, the phrase "put her down" still reminds me first of putting a pet to sleep and then of small children sleeping. It amuses me and slightly creeps me out.

Anyway. I'm debating having more wine with myself. If I do, I may well end up sleeping on the couch , which will result in a day hanging out here tomorrow. Which is fine, but we've spent a great deal of time together lately. Plus, of course, there are the aforementioned projects and a needy cat who has felt particularly deserted of late.

Erika has emerged, and Ripley is displeased. Ah, children. I go back to wine (whine?) and conversation.
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